Water Ecology Program

The program is designed to promote interaction and cooperation among the students, help them develop planning and problem-solving skills, engage them in independent research projects, and enable them to become directly involved in a real environmental cause or issue that concerns their community.

This program engages at-risk, economically-disadvantaged middle school students living in the Bronx in scientific research of their local water environment, inspiring them to become conscientious environmentalists. The program develops environmental awareness as students learn how their actions affect the local and global environments. The program focus on the effects of man on climate change and how man’s actions impact the environment, particularly our local bodies of water. Through this program, students learn what important steps they can take in order to ensure the sustainability of their communities and the preservation of their local environment.
"We were sharing with other people and I got to see my two friends from afterschool and I got to teach them about the freshwater pond and it made me really happy!" -Kindergarten Student at PA28-144Q in Queens