Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Program

Celebrating Creativity and Entrepreneurial Making! ​​

Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Program

Upper elementary students across NYC in our Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Program have collaborated to solve problems in their community through inventions and business ventures. These students will present their prototypes, branding and persuasive campaigns at the LEAP Entrepreneur Fair. Hosted by business executives and featuring a live performance, student panel discussion, and audience choice awards, the Fair is an exciting opportunity for young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and learn from industry professionals.
At LEAP we believe the creative spark is essential to building 21st century skills, especially for disadvantaged at risk NYC public school students. Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs is LEAP’s educational initiative designed to meet that need; inspiring creativity through exploratory problem-solving and entrepreneurial making in a project-based and student-centered learning environment; emphasizing that you do not have to come from a privileged background to turn an innovative idea into a successful business. The best ideas rise to the top, regardless of one’s socio-economic background.

Designed specifically for students in the 4th - 5th grade, Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs provides a unique opportunity for engaging STEAM education in communities where there is great need. Our young innovators will gain entrepreneurial competencies such as creativity, confidence, time-management, and perseverance. Through the program they will enhance academic learning through persuasive writing, and hands-on experiences in science, technology, the arts, engineering and mathematics.

All participating NYC school students work collaboratively to identify and solve problems with original inventions or services. Over the course of the program students have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss challenges from their own lives with the goal of identifying an issue or cause to solve in an entrepreneurial way.
  • Tinker and invent within a LEAP Maker Space, a goal-oriented hands-on learning laboratory.
  • Design, build and plan a solution for their self-identified challenge.
  • Collaboratively develop prototypes and persuasive descriptions to support their solution.
  • Identify markets, draft business plans, and devise marketing campaigns to promote their projects.
  • Prepare and pitch their ideas to potential “investors”.
  • Participate in a school entrepreneur fare that showcases their work to their peers, family and community.
  • Selected students from each school will present their work at a culminating awards luncheon and conference.
My favorite thing about the program was being challenged to think of an idea and make it come to life!
- 4th-Grade Student from Queens