Teaching Artists

LEAP employs a roster of over 100 outstanding teaching artists and educational experts from around the world. LEAP brings professional artists, including Fulbright- Emmy- Obie- and Oscar-winning specialists, into the classroom to inspire, engage, and educate. LEAP teaching specialists include architects, batik artists, capoeira experts, cartoonists, dancers, environmentalists, filmmakers, graphic artists, historians, illustrators, jazz musicians, landscape designers, musicians, naturalists, opera singers, photographers, psychologists, poets, quilters, robotics instructors, storytellers, therapists, urban archaeologists, writers, zoologists, and more.

LEAP sends teaching specialists into classrooms across the greater New York City area each year, where they facilitate a variety of programs that infuse art into the traditional curriculum. LEAP teaching specialists work with students of all ages and backgrounds and regularly attend ongoing training to share best practices, learn about new tools and relevant strategies. As a result, their depth of knowledge and wealth of experience is an invaluable resource to other educators.
Rachel Abraham
Eric Alugas
Robert Appleton
Siji Awoyinka
Tamish Bates
Casey Beauchamp
Lacresha Berry
Alan Bessen
Gia Bonavita
Leslie Boyce
Nicole Brickner
Susanna Brock
Chrystal Chambers
Funmilayo Chesney
Mariano Cinat
Dave Coonan
Randy Cooper Cuba
Sebastian Cruz
Joan Dankovich
Andre LeRoy Davis
Karen Davis
Sha'velle Davis
Suzanne DeMarco
Kristi DiLallo
Kathryn Downie
Beata Drozd
Kyle Eaddy
Tracy Einstein
Erica Essner
Tanya Everett-Heggie
Ponya FerdinandHope Garland
Camille Gaston

Kevin Gay
Mary Giancoli
Christopher Gomez
Josie Gonzalez
Dennis Green
Dan Habu
Melkorka Helgadottir
Julie Hill   
Frank Ingrasciotta
James Irsay
Veronique Jeanmarie
Phenese Johnson
Cynthia Kay
Vaidehi Kinkhabwala
Molly Lambe
Joy Langer
Hannah Lathan
Katherine Lazarus
Christopher Lee Rodriguez
Oscar Lemus
Joshua Levine
Mark Lonergan
Wendy Luker-McWade
Olivia Luna
​Christina Malfitano
Kerri-Ann Matthews
Marissa Molina
Laura Neese
Melvyn Nieves
Quiana Olasokan
Jill Olesker
Victoria Oltarsh

​Ivelyse "Corazon" Padilla
Dana Panepinto
Liza Papi
Nicole Parcher
Elizabeth Pasieczny
Avani Patel
Emely Peguero
Evelyn Petcher
Sarah Plotkin
Christy Powers
Haley Robinson
Alexander Romania
Marisol Rosa-Shapiro
Theresa Rosinski
Nola Rudolph
Christina Sahr
Abigail Sayre
Miriam Schechner
Julia Schonberg
Isha Aneesh Schumpert
Alexander Shapiro
Osei Smith
Maxine Stadnik
Bronwyn Taylor
Teressa Valla
Villi Vilhjalmsson
Andrea Wachholtz
Channie Waites
Annie Ward
Joni Wildman
Sharron Williams
Crystyn Wright