The ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

LeAp’s STEM programs focus on building basic science concepts in students by using hands-on, activity-based instruction, and aligning all lessons and activities to the national STEM Standards. In a time when city-wide budget cuts are forcing schools to eliminate their hands-on lab sciences, Leap’s STEM program enables schools to bring the lab sciences back into the classroom. Our STEM programs have a lasting impact, as students show on pre to post-tests scores a gain of 18% in science skills and knowledge. Also, teacher evaluations indicate that 87% of them replicate the STEM programs on their own.

LeAp's STEM/STEAM Programs

Animated Films
Digital Photography
Graphic Design and Computer Arts
Music and Technology
Computer Coding and Web Design
Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs
Exploring Renewable Energy Sources
Lego® Robotics (PreK-8)
Haiti Recovery: Earthquake Proof Housing
Residency Title: Mill Pond Park Flood Prevention
Residency Title: Bush Terminal Park Flood Prevention
Pinhole Photography
Hands-On Science
Young Scientists
Going Green: Global Ecology/Global Environment
Chemistry Experiments You Can Eat
Industrial Design: Everyday Engineering
The Physics of Simple Machines and Mechanical Toys
Water Ecology
Digging Up Dinos
Animal Diversity
Healthy Body / Healthy Mind
Plant Diversity: Why Roses Are Red
Forensic Science
Building Bridges: Structures and Science
Rocketry: Technology and Flight
Junior Edison: Creating Inventions to Solve Everyday Needs
Math for Early Childhood
Board Games to Puzzles
Fraction Quilts
Basic Math Skills Through Creative Math Projects
Starting Your Own Classroom Business
Math Through Art
Architecture: From Cottages to Castles
Math Through Music
Math Through Dance
Geometry Through Dance
Creative Chess
Measurement and Math: Cooking