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LeAp OnStage is one of LeAp's signature theater program. Each year, over 600 students in 10 schools participate in the year-long playwriting, play production and theater appreciation program. Working with theater teachers and professional directors, students write their own 10-minute plays. Through their involvement, students improve their literary skills, gain an admiration for theater, and develop their artistic talents.

A senior with plays in the final performance in two consecutive years commented that “prior to (this program) I did not know I was a writer. And after, well… this is who I am. I write.” This student has since graduated and has begun pursuing a career as a writer. Many students share a similar belief and are attending performing arts colleges across the country.

Throughout this program, students have the opportunity to attend Broadway plays and meet with Broadway luminaries such as Chazz Palminteri, writer and star of A Bronx Tale; Kathleen Marshall, director of Anything Goes; and Tony-nominee Liev Schrieber. Over 500 plays were written last year, with one from each school performed at The Pearl Theatre. In addition, LeAp partners with

Samuel French Inc., the premier play publisher, to publish the
10 selected works from the program.
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LeAp OnStage Program

""Very simply put- this program provided a real-world and artistic educational experience that we could not afford and will help these students for a lifetime.  It enhanced comprehension skills, explored relevant social issues, and demonstrated the necessity of financial responsibity and of following a formula.  I cannot thank LeAp enough for this opportunity."
     -Teacher at MS 231 in Queens
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