LEAP OnStage

LEAP OnStage, a Signature Theater program, invites more than 600 students in 10 schools to participate in the year-long acclaimed, unique, layered playwriting residency that immerses young people in the immediacy of story-telling, linear thinking, and creative expression.

LEAP OnStage is an incredible opportunity for middle and high schoolers to engage in storytelling while developing their language arts and problem solving skills. This school-year-long Artist Residency (October-May) provides a safe and structured platform for students to creatively express themselves, enhance their literacy and writing skills, work collaboratively, and celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

What makes the program nationally unique is that the residency is filled with working, skilled New York theater professionals and publishers who interact with the students by engaging them in workshops and discussions, and culminating in students’ work being published and then performed in an Off Broadway theater in Times Square.

During LEAP OnStage, students work with theater teachers and professional directors to learn dramatic structure and how write their own 10-minute plays. Each school selects three to five plays for an in-school performance culminating event. Afterwards, a winner from each school is chosen by theater professionals, and the winning students are invited to an intensive and exciting Broadway Day, where finalists are engaged in performance workshops and receive feedback on their plays from a panel of theater experts.

The finalists’ plays are then published in an anthology by the most-recognized name in theater publishing—Samuel French, Inc.—which also sponsors a Publishing Roundtable for the student playwrights in its corporate headquarters. At the end of the school year, each school’s winning play is performed in an Off Broadway theater over the course of two nights for the public.

“LEAP OnStage is a tremendous program – it presents opportunities for young people that they had no idea might exist for them”
- Senior Vice Principal