"I feel the strengths of the program are the workshops, the active participation, coteaching with the artist, and the excitement overall.  It has provided me with the skills necessary to enhance my students' literacy skills with artistic movements and activities.  I have learned new approaches to teaching." - First Grade Teacher at MS 315 in the Bronx.

ALLL K-2 (Active Learning Leads to Literacy) Program

Active Learning Leads to Literacy Program (ALLL K-2), a program in part funded by the US Department of Education (USDOE), uses drama, visual arts, music, creative movement, cooking, games, and storytelling to improve the literacy skills of young learners from kindergarten to second grade. ALLL has been recognized as a model for successful teaching by the USDOE and the leaders of the New York City Department of Education.

ALLL K-2’s hands-on, multisensory, arts-based teaching strategies have been shown to help students improve their literacy skills. New York University’s research has shown that ALLL's K-2 students outperform their peers on 87% of the 23 literacy skills tested.

In addition to helping students, LeAp provides workshops that show early childhood teachers how to use ALLL techniques in their classrooms.

Don’t just take our word for it. New York University’s independent longitudinal study shows that ALLL has helped over 25,000 students become successful readers and proficient writers.

View Ila Lane Gross on CBS EYE ON NEW YORK discuss the ALLL Program and the significant improvement it has had on student test results.

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