​How LEAP Works

At LEAP, we seek to foster a mindset of lifelong educational growth, where all youth, teachers, parents, and administrators alike are learners. Through infusing the Arts with social skill building activities, the LEAP learning model seeks to support positive behavior and enhanced achievement within your community of academic learning. Our vision is that each LEAP Residency, in addition to a quality arts experience, is a staff development opportunity for your community.

The LEAP Teaching Artists are a highly trained group of professional artist educators, representing all art specialties in Dance, Theater, Moving Image, Music, and Visual Arts.

For each LEAP Residency the LEAP Teaching Artists partner with educators to:
  • support the core curriculum,
  • cultivate artistic thinking strategies and skills,
  • provide a safe environment for social and emotional learning,
  • develop custom residency plans and,
  • implement integrated arts lesson sequences using our team teaching model.

The LeAp Residency model is designed to integrate and meet the needs of all communities and learners including:
  • Developmentally appropriate content from PreK through 12th grade
  • Differentiated learning modalities, including special needs students and ELL
  • Public schools, charter schools, private schools, and community center environments
  • During the school day and within a variety of after-school or out of school settings

Each LEAP Residency consists of the following essential components:
  • Collaborative planning to facilitate seamless arts and academic integration
  • Team teaching with LEAP Teaching Artists and classroom Teachers
  • Culminating student showcase, gallery, or community presentation