Global Understanding/
Cultural Literacy

LeAp’s Global Understanding/Cultural Literacy is a book series and program for students in grades K–12. It enables them to explore various literary genres from 12 countries while they gain greater insight into the cultural attitudes and values of diverse peoples. This interdisciplinary curriculum increases students' reading and writing skills, develops their cultural literacy, and strengthens their social studies, research, and problem-solving skills.
Global Understanding/Cultural Literacy is an innovative educational tool comprised of anthologies, hundreds of lessons, teaching strategies, images, worksheets and teacher guides. It is designed to help all students---from gifted to special needs or English language learners---become motivated and effective learners. This comprehensive program links literacy to every academic subject and uses stories, writing, comparison charts, music, drama, games, visual arts, maps, images, and more to enhance the teaching of the core subjects.
Additionally, this book series employs a multi-disciplinary approach to shed light on current world events by exploring the cultural diversity of China, Japan, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Russia. Through lively lessons, hands-on activities, artistic projects, and creative games, students fall in love with learning while increasing their overall academic performance.

Schools can refer to these documents to see exactly what Global Understanding/Cultural Literacy can bring to their elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.
The 7 anthologies and hundreds of lessons and activities enhance students' English and social studies skills in a meaningful, exciting, and thought-provoking way.

Featuring: Animal Tales for grades K – 2, Trickster Tales for grades 2-5, Cinderella Tales for grades 3 – 6, Folk Tales for grades 3 – 6, Classic Literature for grades 4 – 6, Famous Tales for grades 7 – 8, Uncommon Tales for grades 9 – 12, two Teacher Guides and two CD-ROMs.

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"I learned how to create masks and accordion books to tell a story.
Art is more than a picture. It means something."
- Student at MS 506 in Brooklyn.