Gifted and Talented Program


For over 30 years, LeAp has worked with gifted students in K-12 schools citywide beginning in the early 1980s at Hunter College Elementary School for the gifted.  Over the years, LeAp has worked in NYC’s Specialized High Schools, designated gifted programs, charter schools and private schools.  It was also one of the few agencies selected by the NYC Board of Education to provide push-in and pull-out programs for gifted students throughout NYC.

Serving every type of school model---whether pulling 2nd- to 12th-grade students out of class or working directly with gifted classes---LeAp's Gifted and Talented Program is dedicated to inspiring students to excel and develop a love of learning by tapping into their creativity and piquing their curiosity. In this program, based on a combination of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Renzulli’s model for gifted and talented, students use their higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills to create their own inventions, board games, and other original projects based on a subject of interest to them, from sports to history.

Through this program, students' eyes will open to the creative opportunities in many fields and they will come one step closer to coming up with their own ideas for solving the problems in the world around them.
"The program teaches the children [to] problem solve and think in a more abstract but logical way."     -Teacher at PS 14 in the Bronx


LeAp's talented teaching artists are trained to utilize a variety of learning modalities to meet the needs and abilities of gifted and talented students.
Almost every program in the LeAp catalog can be adapted to the interests of gifted and talented students. LeAp's open-ended approach addresses the inquisitive nature of gifted students. From Industrial Design to Starting a Classroom Business, LeAp's extensive array of programs can meet the needs of all gifted and talented students.