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Your donation will make all the difference in a student's life. LEAP brings arts-based academic programs to  PreK-12 students in disadvantaged communities throughout the five boroughs. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to LEAP to help us reach more students and provide them with the programs and resources that will enrich their lives—and empower them to reach their full potential. All funds will be matched, so your gift will make double the impact.
Every gift makes an enormous impact on a student's life. Whether you can give $5 or $500, we are so grateful for your generous contribution. 

Click here to read about our model
Afterschool site at J.H.S. 22 in the Bronx, and
see the impact of your generosity in action.

Other Amount




$25 can provide a student with our Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Program for the entire year in which they learn to think creatively and innovatively.
$50 provides the materials for an entire music residency for 120 students, inspiring them to create music from around the world and every culture.
$75 can provide a student with LEAP's  ALLL (ActiveLearning Leads to Literacy)  program or LEAP OnStage for an entire school year from October-June.





​$100 purchases art supplies for one class. 
$500 ​enables 30 children to take part in an arts-based literacy program.
$250 supports a field trip to a cultural institution.
$1,000 gives 60 students a chance to participate in an arts-based literacy program.