Active Learning Leads to Literacy

LEAP’s Active Learning Leads to Literacy Program (ALLL), designed for PreK-8th grade students, uses drama, visual arts, music, and creative movement to improve emerging and young readers' vocabulary, language, reading, writing, and speaking skills. ALLL has been recognized as a model for successful teaching by the USDOE and leaders of New York City’s Department of Education.

From creating hardbound books with original stories and printed illustrations in the style of Durer, Picasso, and Hokusai to comparing and contrasting the melodies and rhythms of Latin American music and then creating original songs to accompany traditional beats, ALLL programs use the arts to get students excited about language arts!

ALLL’s hands-on interdisciplinary teaching strategies are based on evidence that students can develop a strong love of language through artistic inquiry and exploration. A longitudinal and quantitative study of this program, by independent NYU evaluators, showed that students participating in LEAP’s ALLL program scored significantly higher than their peers on ECLA assessments; ALLL's K-2nd grade students outperformed their peers on 87% of the 23 literacy skills tested.

ALLL programs provide:
- Field trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and bird walks in Central Park, transforming the city into a classroom
- Hands-on, multisensory, arts-based teaching strategies
- Activities that can be fully integrated into any literacy program, including Readers and Writers Workshop

Each ALLL classroom teacher is partnered with a LEAP teaching artist to co-teach standards-aligned English Language Arts    lessons over a 30-session arts residency. Through in-class modeling and professional development workshops, the classroom teachers are trained in using ALLL’s interdisciplinary arts-integration strategies to implement in their daily curriculum.

I think the ALLL program is students have learned through song and dance which helped them gain a great understanding of literacy.”
-Classroom Teacher