ALLL 3-5 Program

Arts Learning Leads to Literacy

ALLL in Action!

The ALLL 3-5 strategies seem to be closing the verbal gender gap between boys and girls and leveling the playing field for under-performing students and ELL students.

LeAp’s nationally recognized ALLL 3-5 program, initially funded by the US Department of Education (USDOE), effectively teaches literacy through the arts for 3rd- to 5th-grade students. The arts activities are an expansion of the strategies initially developed by LeAp's Active Learning Leads to Literacy (ALLL K-2) Program.
The purpose of ALLL 3-5 is to develop and test hands-on, arts-based teaching strategies that increase both literacy and arts learning. ALLL 3-5 is embedded into direct literacy instruction and links to NYS social studies curriculum, thereby enhancing instruction in several academic areas. ALLL 3-5 is proving to enhance music, visual arts, dance, and drama instruction by classroom teachers as well as to increase student performance on NYS standardized literacy tests.
"I discovered during LeAp classes that you have to follow your dream even though everybody says it's impossible. The most important thing I learned was that (things) don't have to be perfect, just try your best."
     -Fourth Grade Student at FLACS in the Bronx.
Professional Development
View Ila Lane Gross on CBS EYE ON NEW YORK discuss the ALLL Program and the significant improvement it has had on student test results..
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